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We urge buyers to examine the horses they are interested in before the sale. All horses will be vet screened for obvious defects or injuries. To the best of our knowledge the horses are free of disease or defect, unless called at sale time.
Terms of the sale are cash, no exceptions. Personal checks are considered cash. Drivers license or some other form of identification are required for checks. A letter of credit may be requested. All payment will be in American currency. Any buyer who stops payment on a check will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
The highest bidder is the buyer. The auctioneer has sole authority to settle any disputes between two or more buyers. The auctioneer reserves the right to re- ject any or all bids. The auctioneer, announcer, and employee or volunteer help act as agents only for the sellers, but assume no responsibility for either buyer or seller.
Every effort has been made to assure correct information in the catalog. However, auctioneer, announcer, employees or volunteers will not assume responsibility for errors or omissions. Inspect any horse that interests you to your satisfaction before you buy. Announced changes in the catalog on sale day take precedence over printed material. The right to bid or no-sale is reserved to consignors unless otherwise announced at time of sale.
Sale management acts as mediator only. All responsibilities lie strictly between buyers and sellers. Although a pre-sale screening is done by a veterinarian, Montana Ranch Horse Association LLC makes no guarantee either written or verbal. However, seller represents the horse entered as in reasonably sound condition with no known physical defects. Any specific guarantees will be noted on sales receipt and announced from the sales block. If buyers dissatisfaction is reported before 12 noon Monday, April 22, funds for the sellers account will not be distributed until buyer and seller agree on settlement, in writing, to Montana Ranch Horse Association. The sale veterinarian will be the only veterinarian to make soundness decisions in order to obtain a refund. This will only apply to problems pre-existing and not to those caused to the horse by the buyer after the sale.
Registration papers and transfers will be mailed to the buyer after settlement has cleared the bank. If buyer wants papers sale day, settlement must be in American currency.
Montana Ranch Horse Association LLC, auctioneer, vet, employees, relatives, or volunteer help assume no responsibility for accidents.
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Billings, MT is served by major airlines, with auto rental available at airport. If you need trasportation assistance call (406)446-2203 or (406)670-3400.

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